Tuesday, 28 July 2009


....maybe they think they are American dogs!

Post Holiday update

Been to France and Italy, hot weather, small rooms and more frustration at dog-hating Canadians. It is proving very difficult indeed to convince owners that my (3 huge stupid) dogs will not eat their house. We even offer unreservedly to pay for any damage they probably won't do. Had I known that Canada was such a dog averse country I may have hesitated more before committing. I've googled and nowhere does it openly say Canadians hate dogs. I suspect a latent distaste, inches beneath the snow. Perhaps I've been lulled into believing they like dogs because of all the sled images; perhaps this just means they like working dogs, not the kind who sleep all day and pee on the carpet.
I've also finished work now and am spending days looking after said dogs, and children as well as trying to dispose of 16 years of foraging. I went through a room today for the second time and found another six bags for charity and 2 to throw out. I daren't do it again lest I scale back to a sofa and a couple of TV remotes. Fun tonight though - I bought a shredder for all the bank statements I've unearthed going back so far nobody could possibly care what I bought then. I don't even care. Youngest has spent the last 20 minutes asking me if I want bits of paper she's picking up - I have been careful to check rather than my usual decision-making with total lack of attention, or it gets shredded with glee.
Tomorrow holds round 2 in the study and dining room!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

This weekend....

.... is THE weekend to make a big dent in sorting the house out. I wrote myself (another) list and I have 26 tasks on it ranging from 'put washing away' - 10 minute job, to 'clear out pantry' - 6 year job. One thing that hampers me with these sort of things, and there are many other things that hamper me, is that I can't do methodical. I can't simply work my way through each task because as I walk past the bathrrom putting the clothes away I think, I know, I'll wash that floor, then when I go down to get the mop from the kitchen I think, oohh, better fill the dishwasher, and so on. Other hampering issues are: the sunny weather; time spent convincing my girls to help; Rufus; and lazy-bastard-itus.