Saturday, 8 August 2009

We. Have. A House.

Thank the lord - at last a Canadian with a love (or at least tolerance) of dogs. We've signed the 'promise' to lease as have they so we are sorted. Lovely house, lovely location. we go. And here lies the snag - it's really quite hard to get the final and formal go-ahead and be ready within 2 weeks to arrive having packed everything we want, disposed of all we don't, arranged all the other boring stuff like cancelling utilities, etc. AND arrange for the dogs to go. However, I must say that since we heard about our house (3 days ago) I have managed to produce many piles of unwanted stuff and done a big charity run. My kitchen now looks like it is hosting a jumble sale (car boot sale to those who are under 25). Gladly I have wonderful sisters who like to forage as much as I do so some has been taken away today to spend their lives in someone elses loft.
One very interesting thing I've learned about myself is this - any sentimentality I have that is attached to 'stuff' is quickly lost at the thought of being in the position to justify bringing it 3000 miles.
One very interesting thing I've learned about my husband- he collects really boring books about computers and I suspect he will also lose the attachment when he has to do that same justification. I've also learned that we have a ridiculous number of cd players, dvd players, and wires. Most of which are in the loft (their home for some years now) or tangled up with each other like wormy lovers; useless but impossible to part. I'm torn between the liberty I feel in being able to shed them in Stuart's absence and the fear of shedding something vital. Perhaps someones life support wire.
So - loft almost done (apart from the computer book shedding debate), dining room done again, kitchen done except for fridge/freezer. The next week and a half should have an interesting menu getting rid of all outstanding edibles. Youngest didn't sound too enthused about pasta, chick peas and popcorn for tea tonight. It will only get worse.