Monday, 19 July 2010

Back home

I have now been home for a whole week after 3 and a half weeks away. On my return I was struck by 3 things; my pool was green, my gardens were jungles, and my house smells of dog. Now I know the first 2 happened in our absence, but the third couldn't possibly as the dogs were in kennels. This leaves me with the only possible explanation - my house always smells of dogs, I just don't notice it. In fact, the sofas smell more of dog than the actual dogs do. This has inevitably led me to waste innumerable hours on the internet typing in 'how to get rid of dog smell' and 'smelly dogs for sale'. 

The trip to England was a mishmash of catching up with some friends and family, and buying spray-on deodorant which, for some reason, is nigh on impossible to buy in this country. And our middle week was spent in Rome. Just Husband and I (see Rome blog). It all flew by rather quickly but I was ready to come home to my lovely big bed after a selection of crappy hotels and a few nights in my old bedroom at my Mam's. I absorbed as much British TV as possible including the awfully irresistible Jeremy Kyle and the fantabulously painful Come Dine With Me.  Oh, and the World Cup. And crazy gun man news.  

Everything goes so fast in England - especially my siblings' driving. For someone who hasn't driven over 60 mph for almost a year to be transported along country roads at 90mph was 'thrilling'. And shopping - I hate shopping when it's busy but Christmas Eve shopping here is a breeze compared to a Tuesday afternoon on Northumberland Street. And I still hate Primark.

I managed to spend some time with my Nutty Mate who wangled a place for me at a conference lunch as an 'Overseas Housing Consultant' and met all sorts of people I used to work with who all appeared rather confused to see me there.  Needless to say there were loads of people who I didn't manage to catch up with....I just ran out of time.