Thursday, 16 December 2010

Winter in Saint-Lazare

The snow hit us like a big white case of the runs covering everything and causing mayhem for 24 hours before the Canadian winter elves got the roads cleared and salted.  Our neighbourhood turns from Grizzly Adams world to Narnia in the space of a few hours - and stays that way for months. Only the height of the snow and the ever rising and dipping temperature changes. 
So what to do around here in winter? Of course there's skiing. And cross country skiing. And snowshoeing. 
So far I've attended  Santa's Parade and have been invited to a sleigh ride - a proper sleigh ride with horses and a sled (not wheels like in the UK) through the woods. Of course I'm not going although it is 'open to adults without children', for precisely that reason. What adult would go on one alone? Exactly! 
There are Christmas story telling sessions for young children, a Polar Express, and all sorts of Christmassy things. All very nice I hear you think.
HOWEVER that only lasts for another couple of weeks then it's winter proper. No Christmas, just snow and cold. This is when people are driven to preserve things and turn to the bottle - a double pickling if you like. 
I shall talk you through my cabin fever and treacherous outings on this blog. A photo or two will make an appearance too.