Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Almost Christmas.....

...... and amazingly I am still sane and almost ready for Christmas. Eldest is in England with her family and friends there, and Youngest is on her annual excited countdown towards Christmas Eve. Her unexplained grins are an explanation in themselves, and her desire to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music is only dwarfed by my own.  Considering recent circumstances I am incredibly organized - for me. 

The only real fly in my ointment happened yesterday when we went to collect our car, ordered some ten weeks ago.  The ordering negotiations were painful enough with the 12 year old with a drawn on goatee struggling to make his way through the forms and the price debate - after some considerable time we signed a contract and escaped.  Yesterday I knew with absolute certainty that the pick-up wouldn't be straight forward.  I was, as usual, right.

For some absurd reason he thought he'd given us the car too cheaply and said he'd made a mistake and we'd need to pay more. Er, no. I reminded him about our conversation and that his manager had agreed final figures. 
' But my note here said it would be this figure.'
'Your note is incorrect. And we have signed a contract.'
Exasperated looks between Husband and I.
'Can you remember which manager agreed it?'
More exasperated looks.
'Yes, the guy who just walked past.'
I reminded said boss about our conversation to be told 'You can't expect me to remember ever discussion I have with customers.'
'Yes, OK, but I'm telling you we agreed this figure AND SIGNED A CONTRACT.'
'Contracts can sometimes be wrong,' he unbelievably replied.
More exasperated looks and a large pinch of disbelief.
After some deliberation in another room with 12 year old he returns and says....I kid you not......
'I'll have to take your word because I don't want to call you a liar.'

Can you bloody well believe it?

Icing on top was 12 year old goatee asking if we would give him top scores in an after sales survey as it would go towards his pay rise.

Honda Vaudreuil  - no, I will not recommend you to anyone. 

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